How to: First log in into your account. this can be done by clicking on the right side in the navigation bar on "Login". After you logged in. You need to click on your email address on the same please where you clicked on "Login". Then you come on your profile. You see in the middle to blocks and below in each box you see a button. There you can find "Send it again" click on this button in order to send again your verification email.

Then if you login into your email. You should check your inbox. If you can not find any Coinhouse email. Than you should look into your spam folder. After you found the email click on it and click on the link inside the email. To make your verifcation more smooth you should stayed login while you verify.

Verification links are about 30 minutes valid. After that period you should resend the email again.

Why is a email verification needed? In order to send emails from our side about logging in or withdraw/deposit emails we need you to verify. If we do not do this we can be seen as spam and we can be added to so called blacklists which will result in emails from us will be never received by anyone. This means also that we can't manually verify any account.